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          MODERN MICROCUT V-30 High Speed Vertical Machining Center

          MODERN TOOL LTD. Since 1960.                                  

          More than 500 Machines in Stock

          We want you to know that during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are still here to support and serve our customers. If you require equipment, parts or service for your existing machines we are using government recommended measures to continue to assist you with your needs.

          Also if you have surplus equipment which you wish to sell, we are able to list it on our web page for you, for maximum exposure through our world network of customers and machine tool dealers.

           We celebrated our 60th anniversary in business in February 2020, and now we are looking forward to introducing some very interesting new products to you as well: A new line of Fibre Laser, 3-D Waterjet Cutting, 3-D Printing, Medical Equipment Mfg. Machines, and more...

          With more than 500 machines in stock, we offer an extensive line-up of new and used machine tools available for immediate delivery, we have all machines needed to change the form of metal. By dealing with major manufacturers, we are able to provide you with any type of metal working equipment. Whether you are looking for lathes, milling machines, CNC production, press brakes, shears, benders, iron-workers, grinders, plasma tables or saws, we have it all!

          U.S. Dollars accepted at the current exchange rate. U.S. customers have extra buying power!

          We are 100% owned and operated in Canada, and are happy to celebrate our 60th Anniversary in February of 2020.

          MODERN TOOL LTD. sells coast to coast in Canada. Anywhere in the USA (including Alaska) and Mexico. Serving you from six locations, we have the largest inventory of new and used machine tools and metal processing machinery in Canada.

          "We Go The Extra Mile... Because It's Not As Crowded"

          For Your New and Used Machine Tool Needs, Don't Gamble, Buy From Modern Tool!

          Featured Video

          Modern Microcut MCG-5X is our premium five axis CNC machining center.

          Lathe Regrinding

          If your Lathes are worn but still in good running condition, we offer regrinding and refitting of worn Lathes back to new Accuracy for 15 - 30% of new replacement cost - phone for quotation!


          Manuals & Literature

          Modern Tool has an extensive library; literally thousands of original machine tool manuals, literature, and schematics. We have recently acquired the library of another major distributor, and we are now offering a new service: if you require a manual for any make or model of machine tool produced in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Asia, we may have what you are looking for!

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